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Primary Efficiency Filter Cotton

● High filter efficiency

● Large dust holding capacity

● Low resistance

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Primary efficiency filter cotton has the characters of economical and practical, low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, resilient, safe and environmental friendly. It is convenient to use. 


Material: chemical fiber

  1. Primary efficiency filter cotton width mainly has: 1250MM, 1400MM

  2. Divided by thickness mainly has: 5MM, 10MM, 15MM, 20MM and so on

  3. Resistance: less than or equal to 50 Pa (wind speed: 1.0 M/S), filter efficiency of 2.0 micrometers (%): more than or equal to 50 %( wind speed: 1.0 M/S) 

Primary efficiency filter cotton is used on the front end of the filter which can eliminate fiber dust, willow, and sand, cleaning dust and some other more than 5 micrometers larger particles, so as to protect the latter part of the filter. Changes are the most frequent. It suggests that 3-5 days or a week change the filter and follow site engineer’s experience.