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Three-Linked Clean Suit A004

● Japanese imported conductive fiber

● Adjustable waistband with elastic clean suit

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This kind of product is made by heat resistance fabric and high temperature resistance accessory (it can endure 30 mins of 121℃ steam sterilization over 100 times). It is a product of overseam mechanism manufacturing which can reduce particles. It is a clean suit which is straight placket and with elastic on waistband for adjustments.


0.5CM stripe, 0.5CM mesh, 0.25 CM mesh conductive fabric, Japanese imported conductive fiber, applicable for class A, B clean zone

  • Original factory doubling processing technology, good anti-static and permanent property, effectively discharge human body electrostatic

  • Clothes itself does not cause fume or stick dust, good barrier property, high density, high tensile, effective sterilization and bacteriostasis

  • Washable, bend resistance and wearable, wash times≥100 times, high temperature resistance steam temperature121℃, high temperature 30 mins

  • Full overseam technology, single-forming, good dust-free property, applicable for class10-10000 clean room

  • Special recommendation for breathable anti-static clean suit

  • Laser cutting


Biopharmaceutical, food processing