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Economical And Practical EWP Polypropylene Filter

● Higher assimilative capacity 

● Fast flow rate

● High retention efficiency

● Full polypropylene structure, stable quality 

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EWP series filter applies domestic polypropylene hot spray fiber film as filter medium, which has high assimilative capacity, fast flow rate and high retention efficiency. Full polypropylene structure has stable quality. This product is economical and practical which has the same quality as the same foreign product.


Filter medium: polypropylene(PP)

Support/diversion: polypropylene(PP)

Plastic framework: polypropylene(PP)

Sealed method: heat fusion

Filter precision:0.1、0.2、0.45、0.65、0.8、1.0、2.0、3.0、5.0、10、20、30、50、60(μm)

Effective filtration area: 0.4—2.0m²/10〞

Filter cartridge diameter: 69、83、130mm

Maximum working temperature: 80℃

Sterilizing temperature: 121℃,30min

Maximum positive pressure differential:0.42MPa, 25℃

Maximum negative pressure differential: 0.28MPa, 60℃

Hot water sanitization: 75-85℃,30min 

Filter of food, electronics, chemical and other industries process water; cartridge filtration of reverse osmosis treatment; filtering of various gases and compressed air particle impurities; various filter of oilfield water injection, shipping waste and others