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Clean Activated Carbon Mask

● Special four-layer design

● Activated carbon filter layer

● Surface layer applies comfortable ES material

● Not stimulate the skin and comfortable wearing

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This kind of product is designed by special four-layer with activated carbon filter layer for absorbing strange odor It applies short fiber non-woven fabric which is smooth on the surface. It can avoid fibers falling off. Soft and comfortable PP materials do not stimulate skin and comfortable wear. The nose bar is iron wire which can adjust for different facial forms comfortably.


  1. Before wearing the mask, wash hands clean and take it out to the mouth

  2. Pull the mask up and down, pull the fold open, and don’t touch the inner side of the mask with hands

  3. Use both sides of the elastics to make the mask fit close to face

  4. After wearing the mask, press the bridge of the nose part gently with fingers

  5. Then pull the lower part of the mask to chin, adjust the mask fit close to face without gaps

  6. Exhale a breath evenly to check the surrounding of the mask whether has air leakage or not

  7. Inhale a breath evenly to check the contact parts of the mask whether has air in or not

Facial material

ES cloth (non-woven fabric)

Material gram weight: 23g/m2±2g

Color: white

standard size: 17.5cm×9.5cm±0.2cm

Layer: outer layer


Carbon fabric materiel: carbon dust(non-woven fabric)

Material gram weight: 40g/m2±5g

Color: grey

Size: 17.5cm×9.5cm±0.2cm 



Spray fabric material: melt-blown fabric

Material gram weight: 25g/m2±2g   

Color: white

Size: 17.5cm×9.5cm±0.2cm   

Layer: interlayer 

Package: Selen package, neutral package, 50 pieces/pack, 2000 pieces/ box. Every pack is over 200g.


Nose bridge bar material: full plastic/iron wire

Size: 10.5cm±0.5cm

Ear band material: nylon  

Size: 17.5cm±0.5cm 

Biopharmaceutical, food processing