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A3262 Coverall

● Permanent anti-static

● Dust proof property

● Clear texture

Product Introduction Product Details Performance Parameters Industrial Applications

0.5 mesh slanting front crotch zipper coverall, elastics adjustment for cuff, foot and waistband, hood only with eyes exposure, hood with mask, behind the hood double adjusting the hood 


Excellent anti-static fabric, high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust proof property, thin and smooth, clear texture, in garment manufacture process adopt specialized overlock machine, effectively reduce particles.

Class 10 thousand clean room is suitable for manufacturing 0.5 stripe, class 1000 clean room is suitable for 0.5 mesh and class 100 clean room is suitable for 0.25 mesh common fabric: 0.5 stripe/0.5 mesh white, blue, yellow, pink, navy; various high-quality 5MM stripes, 5MM meshes and different specifications polyesters(TC material) anti-static and dust-free fabric are alternative.


Applicable for optoelectronic precision manufacturing, micro-electronics, LCD, food processing, biopharmaceutical